Organic food is called to that which has been obtained through a system of organic farming, this means that its production is natural and is free of chemical pesticides and growth hormones and artificial fertilizer or herbicides. Organic farming uses organic and recycled materials too.
Organic Consumption is increasing each year.
This habit has been spreading in Spain for different reasons; for health, to avoid consuming products that have grown with fertilizers and pesticides and for its quality and taste, among others.
Switzerland leads the first position in terms of consumption of ecological food per capita.
Spain still has a way to go to reach these figures, however our Spain leads at European level the land extension dedicated to organic production. Most of the production of organic food is not left in Spain.
An opportunity for Spanish producers of organic food is attending international fairs such as Biofach. This is the largest fair of organic food in the world, held in Nuremberg and each year welcome more than 48,000 professionals. This year will be between the 15th-18th February 2017.

Between the 10th- to 13th of next month Biocultura will take place in Madrid. Anyone interested can attend a 4-drop €.

Spanish Products is aware of the environmental impact that produce an irresponsible consumption. Hence we propose a small but valuable range of eco food.
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