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Defining Gourmet and Reflection

Gourmet is a French word translated by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) as a gourmet, a person skilled in gastronomy fond of exquisite meals. The term is used as an adjective to describe those foods refined processing.

The gourmet, therefore, is associated with the most exalted of gastronomy. The quality of the ingredients and the preparation form is what determines that a plate is considered gourmet or not; Also it have been elaborated by people who, after many years of experience and a clear passion for “haute-cuisine”, are prepared to offer a product that can be consumed by someone who really appreciates quality and finesse.

However, gourmet products are not necessarily the most expensive, but those who come from a respectable and careful preparation. Both an apple and the most expensive dish of a restaurant in París can be considered gourmet.

Also handicrafts may be associated with this classification.

Did you that…?

The gourmet is linked to hedonism, which is the philosophical doctrine that holds the pleasure as the main goal of life. Select the right ingredients and devote the necessary time to each preparation is part of the gourmet philosophy, which claims that the food be a time of enjoyment.

This science has its similarity with the philosophy long as attempts to define the importance of eating healthy and ethically. According to Chevalier de Lelly there were three types of diners: the Gourmand (passionate about food), the Gourmet (like processed and refined dishes) and Gastrósofos (always choose those healthy foods and more “moral”).

Several years later, the scholar Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin reflected all these ideas in the book “Physiology of Taste” which explained in detail everything about the importance of eating according to how you want to live. Unfortunately with the passage of years has left him to give importance to this philosophy and today there is no such teaching as a subject of the University.

At this point we Refelct and think and come to the conclusion that probably relate our food with our thinking and our ethical values is the best way to become balanced individuals. There is a widespread phrase that says “We are what we eat” and that is spot on.

According to this … If we are willing to have an ethical food without consuming products derived from the slavery of other animals, we will be more healthy people and live in greater harmony with the environment, as are collaborating to it and not encouraging them.

Spanish Products invites you to reflect on it.