Importance of currencies in commercial transactions

Exchange rates are important information that guides the international transactions of goods, capital and services. Relations between almost all currencies used are made public daily, showing the values ​​that are exchanged each other, although there is almost always a more important currency used as a reference for measuring the value of the other.

The exchange rate is important because it allows the conversion of currency of a country’s currency into another country, facilitating international trade in goods and services and transfer of funds between countries. It also allows comparison of similar products in different countries. In general, the price difference between similar products determines which products will be traded as sending country.

The need to deal with matters relating to a foreign exchange market is one of the major dimensions that distinguish the international business operations of the national. The foreign exchange market deals with the relationships between the currencies of one country and another. It is a generic term commonly used in procedures and documents, as well as prices and institutions.

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