It’s December!
Time flies and it’s December already. We left November with zero balanze in our bank accounts due to the all-powerful Blackfriday and its discounts.
Now everything points to Christmas: family reunions, friends, long dinners and gifts, of course.
So, in order to avoid being run of time, December will be dedicated in our correlative posts to the following subjects:
-Christmas breaks, for those who want to get out of the conventional way.
-Gift ideas
-Christmas recipes; for those who prefer celebrate at home

Let’s start in this post for Christmas breaks.
The right question to ask is,
Do we prefer Beach or Mountain? Do we stay in Spain or are we going away?
For sky lovers in this link you will found packs including Hotel + forfait.
These packs are for shorts stays of 4 nights in Spanish stations .You can also use
In and you will find information to travel away.
For those who prefer sun and hot weather, pages like and you will find bargains, both sites show choices to enjoy your Xmas in Spain or away.
Others suggestions are without forgetting about, , of course.
To compare packs including hotel+ flights check or
Wherever and whenever, we will be on vacation so for sure will enjoy it!