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Spanish Products is a young and dynamic company . It was founded in 2008 with the aim of promoting high quality products from Spain in the international business enviroment. Spanish Products offers a unique selection of gourmet food, from different locations of the Spanish countryside.

All of them have been elaborated following artesan methods and old local traditions. Premium quality and organic food constitute the core of Spanish Products. Because we are what we eat, we describe ourselves as Lovers of fine gastronomy and enthusiastic in its promotion and so in its expansion. We support enviroment sustentability and nutritional security, since they are the key for the confection of our product range.

We try to foresee our customer needs by offering what satisfy their expectations.

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Spanish Products

Our Mission

Spanish Products has selected the best products of our country with the purpose of making the product known on foreign markets.

We contribute to the promotion of Spanish gastronomy.

Spanish Products - Valores

Our Values

We support artisanal modes of production and those what are involved in environmental sustainability. We favor organic production and those products that combine for it processing the most advanced technology reaching the highest food safety and traditional production methods.

Spanish Products - Solución

Our Solution

We believe in the quality of the products from Spain. For this reason we collaborate in its promotion.

We do not build borders, we set as our main goal the posibility to taste our products at any place of the world.