How beautiful is November.
November derives from the word Novem, which means nine in Latin. It was the ninth month on the Roman calendar.
In Spain this month begins in a fantastic way, with a bank holiday and celebrating Halloween. Remember the last post?
November since not many years ago is named as Movember.
This word came from the word Mustache and from November. In this month some men sympathize leaving a mustache with those suffering from diseases such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, depression and other similar diseases.
This movement began in 2003 when a group of Melbourne youths left a mustache to support a friend with prostate cancer. Nowadays, Movember ONG makes it officially and its carry out in 21 countries.

In many countries the end of the First World War is celebrated in November.
In Canada, November the 11th is Independence Day.
In Commonwealth countries, Remembrance Day is celebrated this month; it commemorates those who died in various conflicts for their country.
Poppy became a familiar emblem of Remembrance Day thanks to the poem “In Flandes Fields”. This poem refers to poppies that flourish between the crosses where the dead rest in combat. The flower, colored as blood and ephemeral as the life of many of them, is abundant in that territory especially affected by the conflict, and grows rapidly in the land removed from the battlefield.
Everyone, including politicians and celebrities, wear a poppy on the flap this day ..