Iberian ham spanish products


Spanish Products has selected one of the best products of Iberian pork. Raised in complete freedom in the Spanish countryside.

Our Iberian Ham meet all quality requirements from the Iberian own range.

It has an incredible taste and aroma, only allowed for the finest palates. We offer this delicatessen in different sizes according to our customer requiremements.

Iberian ham spanish products

Iberian Ham

Raised in freedom in Guijuelo (Salamanca countryside), our ham has been undergone a curing and ageing process of several years in natural drying and influenced by our mountain climate, which gets dry and cold winds from Sierra de Gredos and from Béjar.

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Ham should be consumed at a temperature between 14 ° C and 22 ° C in order that its fat appears naturally. One way to enjoy it, is the following recipe: split the ham in short, thin slices. Toast a few slices of bread . Rub the bread with some garlic and tomatoes and drizzle it over with olive oil. Put the ham on the bread slices.
Iberian ham spanish products

iberian Ham Jabugo

Directly from Jabugo, Spanish Products bring you a unique prsent for our palate.
Iberian ham. Born and raised in freedom in Huelva fields , this porcs have been fed with natural food , grass and acorns mainly.

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To appreciate the full flavor and aroma of Iberian ham is best way to do it ,is eaten it alone or with a little piece of bread (with tomato, if you want). Red wines, (ageing or not) and dry white wines with some ageing and not too acidic also works well.