Vinos de calidad suprema de origen español

Paellas and Ready Meals

As Spanish gastronomy lovers, Spanish Products want to offer you the most typical dishes of our country. Processed with the most selected ingredients we want you to enjoy your palate with a fusion of colour and taste prepared with mindfulness and care.. Paella, Fideuá, Arroz a Banda… Homemade, natural and quality food. Our range of products allow you to become the author of our delicious dishes. We offer you the best ingredients for it. Requirements: Just sometime, care and dedication …et voilà! You will be able to taste a real delicatesen.

Paellas y otros platos preparados - Spanish Products

Paella Gourmet and traditional meals from Spain

We offer you in this gourmet formar typical dishes from Spanish cuisine.
You can taste traditional Spanish food at yours.Prepared with the best ingredients .
Paellas, Fideuás, Black rice, Mushroom risotto.

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Format and presentation of all products:   Package containing a can of soup and a bag of rice or noodles if   Varnished tinplate suitable for food use (broth)   Cellophane bag (rice, noodles)  Individual micro carton 105x105x165 mm   Label canned   Package label Catalog with suggestions and instructions for use   2-3 servings STORAGE: cool and dry place. The product contains or consists or been produced from GMOs.