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Vinegar Esencia by Spanish Products

Initially used as a preservative, currently vinegar is an essential condiment of our table. Just few drops of vinegar is enough to transform food into a feast for the sense. Over the years vinegar has been getting prominence. Nowadays it is an ingredient that everyone has in its pantry.


organic vinegar Spanish Products

Organic Balsamic Vinegar Esencia

Spanish Products Organic balsamic vinegar, produced according our ancestors technique of oxidation of wine and concentrated must. It all starts with the selection of the best and most mature organic grapes, taken from Spanish land cultivated in a natural environment.
Tasty and intense flavour.
You can also use it to make different sauces for meat dishes. It is as well an ingredient to add to different desserts.

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Traditionally vinegar can serve as an appetizer on Parmigiano Cheese. Oil is used as a condiment to flavor meats, aged cheeses, scalloped or fried vegetables in the pan, carpaccio, salads and risottos. Also can be used during cooking some foods in which case it is added just before removing from heat. The most refined palates even use vinegar with strawberries.

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Organic wine vinegar Esencia by Spanish Products

Spanish Products organic wine vinegar is the result of fermentation of the best organic grapes of the Airen and Macabeo variety.
Vinegar reaches perfection after resting in barrels of American and French oak, which gives the final product its characteristic bouquet and aroma. This vinegar is ideal for consumers who want to give a touch of class and quality to your dishes.
Wine vinegar is perfect to dress your salads.
Mostly used for salads: rice salad, lentils salad, pasta salad, chicken salad. You won’t need anything else , delicious!
Low calorie!

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You can prepare a delicious sauce to flavor your salad, to do this you only need - 2 tbsp red wine vinegar - 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar- black pepper- 4 tablespoons of olive oil with basil