Vinos de calidad suprema de origen español

After more than a century of history there are many attributes that Hermanos Paniagua share with their ancestors: stubbornness and honesty, mixed with a pinch of dreamy idealism in line with their homeland, as well as a determined and self-sufficient character. But above all believe that the effort and daily work are the pillars of our personal, family and professional development as well as those who share our projects.
It is in O Carballino, where our facilities occupy 1,100 m2, with capacity for more than 250,000 l. It also has a group of newly acquired bottling and all that machinery (mixers, filter plates, matrices deposits …) and needed to make liqueurs more effectively, without compromising that original methods used by the pioneers this house and adding to the quality of the raw material used is what determines the character of the final products

Spanish Products Selection

Olive oil extra virgen

Licor de Hierbas

Recommended after meals because it is the product of good digestion and palatability. It is a blend that contains brandy and more than 14 species of herbs.

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Crema de Orujo

Resulting from the maceration of brandy butter, vanilla and chocolate and subsequent homogenization with milk-cream.

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Liqueur produced by maceration of sloes in aniseed, sweet reddish.

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Aguardiente Tostada

Aguardiente a slight caramel flavor.

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