Winter and Christmas is almost here. It’s time to scarves and gloves, to spend more time in than outside home, while days shorten wokrking hours seems to be forever.

Christmas a special date that most of us look forward to its arrival.
Either by its real meaning, or because we meet those who live away or just because we take a break from the all year routine.

In this period gastronomy plays an important role. We have a culinary tradition for centuries, tasting foods and cooking repices that we not normally do.

Days of shopping and holiday gifts, and the always come to the same question…
What should I buy?

In line with our culinary tradition, Spanish Products offers you a gift that is increasingly in use and that is very welcomed to the public, this is the gastronomic gifts.

Hampers, a box of delicious chocolates or a good bottle wine are the most contested.

Spanish Products offers you a catalogue with finest wines and from the best wineries.

Give a breeding Ribera Lambuena 2012 or a delicious organic Rioja Usoa de Bagordi, sure will be the perfect choice that will surprise your honoree.

Gourmet spanish products