Autumn has come and it bring us some seasonal food … mushrooms, berries, raspberries, nuts, chestnuts …
Spanish Products offers you a recipe with some of the typical food of this season,
Note down and enjoy …

Warm Goat cheese salad, Iberain Ham and raspberry jam.
2 servings


Spinach (You can also use any LETTUCE )
Goat cheese (2 slices)
Iberian Ham strips, we recommen Spanish Products Iberian ham
Raspberry jam vinaigrette

We put the spinachs in a bowl and add the nuts.
To make the vinaigrette we use the following formula:
3 parts olive oil + 1 of balsamic vinegar + 1 raspeberry jam.
We can help ourselves with a fork or a whisk to mix. You can also heat it up to get a better mixing .
Add oil in a pan and heat it to the maximum, when the pan is hot add the goat cheese slices (the colder they are before frying the better) and brown them back and forth.
In this way we will be crispy on the outside and soft inside.
Once browned take it out with a spatula and add it on top of the spinach and walnuts.

Finally in the same pan you just add the ham stripes ham and leave them for a few seconds.
Once you add all the other ingredients, add the vinaigrette on the top.